World Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WAIE)

The World Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (WAIE) is an asynchronous, digital learning, independent, private school that prioritizes culturally responsive curriculum and the histories of the African Diaspora, Arabs, Austronesia/Pacific Islands, Hebrew Diaspora, and the North and South Indigenous American people while providing youth with an excellent education.

Early Education (Preschool)

Early Education

Early education serves students in prenatal, postnatal, daycare, and all levels of preschool (ages 0 to 6 years old). It is the key segment of life that allows children to grow to be healthy individuals who will later become members of a community that loves and cares for them.

Primary Education (Elementary)

Primary Education

Primary education serves students in grades 1 to 6 (ages 6 to 12 years old). It is the foundational segment of their learning, helping them build social-emotional intelligence while preparing for a future as innovators in a global community.

Secondary Education (High School) - Representation in BIPOC Education

Secondary Education

Secondary education serves students in grades 7 to 14 (ages 12 to 20 years old). It is the final segment of their education as they build generational wealth while preparing for life in the real world as entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders for a better global community.

Student Graduation Path-WAIE Options

As part of young scholars’ time with us at WAIE, they participate in self-paced content, virtual class lectures, and in-person immersions that connect theory with hands-on real-world experiences. Our flagship program is a week-long experiential learning immersion that occurs three out of four quarters per year for our young scholars, called Adventure Based Leadership.

All class content and immersions young scholars participate in help them prepare them for three post-graduation outcomes.


Throughout their time with us, young scholars will build a well-versed toolkit of skills in both business and building generational wealth for themselves and their families through entrepreneurship. Prior to graduation, in their secondary education, they will have opportunities to start their own ventures or support their peers in launching a business idea.

Also, young scholars will gain real-world experience with cryptocurrency, stock investments, real estate, and other income generation methods to support their self-defined comfortable lives.

Workforce Readiness

As part of our process in obtaining accreditation, we will work towards gaining accreditation to provide young scholars who complete years 13 and 14 with us with certificates in Entrepreneurship, Data Analytics, and Environmental Studies so they may enter the workforce after graduation with strong skillsets.

Also, after their 16th birthday, young scholars will be able to participate in the internship course each year to gain paid work experience in business, technology, environmental studies, and health. They will either register an internship of their own or participate in a WAIE provided internship.

Higher Education

Young scholars who participate in our program will have the option to continue on to a higher education institution of their choosing. Our career and college readiness team will support them through the process of transferring their credits and attending a trade school, university, or other post-secondary institution of their choice after graduation.

Throughout their time in school with us, our community will prioritize exposing young scholars to institutions that have a proven track record of success with individuals from the ethnic global majority (BIPOC) and maintain an anti-racist stance proven by their policies.

Be The WAIE Campaign

WAIE is designed to help students create ways (WAIEs) for a better future for the global community. Thus, they become the WAIE or a better tomorrow. However, to make this a possibility they need you to Be the WAIE and support them in accomplishing their goals and making the school a reality. Below you can learn about the different stages of the roadmap and how you can support.

Sep 2022 — Aug 2023

Green Entrepreneurship - Environmental Stewardship

Our goal for the first fiscal year is to raise $604,134, which will be used for the inaugural year of the Adventure Based Leadership program focused on Green Entrepreneurship. This will support sixty (60) primary education students and sixty (60) secondary education students in participating in the program for a total of one-hundred and twenty (120) students.

Sep 2023 — Aug 2024

Curriculum Development

Our goal for the third fiscal year is to raise $4,261,210, which will be used to support 180 students in Green Entrepreneurship, Adventure Based Leadership program. Raised funds will also be used to cover essential administrative expenses and hire necessary faculty members for the development of class content and immersion experiences.

Sep 2024 — Aug 2025

Virtual School - Contact Us

Our goal for the fourth fiscal year is to raise $9,798,617, to cover the operating expenses of the inaugural year of the virtual secondary school. The school will serve a total of 240 students. Also, raised funds will be used to support 240 students in Green Entrepreneurship, Adventure Based Leadership program.

How to Support

There are several key ways you can support the school and the young scholars who will participate in our curriculum and programs. Below are the three key ways you can support us in accomplishing our goal.

Donations and Sponsorships

Donations and Sponsorships

Individuals and businesses that would like to make a tax-deductible donation to WAIE are invited to make a donation today. Whether you’re donating to support WAIE overall or want to support green entrepreneurship, you’re making the right choice in supporting our young scholars towards success.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping

WAIE provides an online shopping experience where you can purchase Swag and Paleo-Hebrew-related apparel, mugs, electronics, phone cases, and more. In the future, young scholars will also be able to list their products. All profit from the store goes towards supporting WAIE and young scholars.


Cryptocurrency Coin

We are currently in the process of developing our own cryptocurrency coin that would aid in the initial operations of the school. Also, the coin will be used for providing loans to students wishing to start businesses. All WAIE partners will accept the coin for payment and each early investor will own a number of coins that they can use for transactions in a new ecosystem for our people.

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