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World Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship


The World Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (WAIE) is an asynchronous digital learning, independent private school that prioritizes culturally competent curriculum and the histories of the African Diaspora, Austronesia/Pacific Islands, Mestizos/LatinX, and Indigenous Americans while providing youth with real world secondary and post-secondary education. Also, a key focal point and flagship program of WAIE is the week-long experiential learning immersions that occur each term for our young scholars. We prepare our scholars to be able to choose one or more outcomes upon graduation. Those outcomes consist of: (1) starting a business, (2) entering the workforce with a certification, and (3) continuing on to a higher education institution.




Throughout their eight years with us, young scholars will build a well verse toolkit of skills in business and building generational wealth for them and their family through entrepreneurship. They will have opportunities to explore their own new ventures or support their peers in launching a business idea. 

Workforce Readiness

Workforce Readiness


As part of our process in obtaining accreditation we will work towards gaining accreditation to provide young scholars who complete year 13 and 14 with us with a Certificate of Entrepreneurship, Certificate of Data Analytics, and a Certificate of Environmental Studies so they may enter the workforce after graduation with strong skill sets.

Higher Education

Higher Education


Young scholars who participate in our program will have the option to continue on to a higher education institution of their choosing. Our career and college readiness team will support them through the process of transferring their credits and attending a trade school, university, or other post-secondary institution of their choice.

Campaign Phases


BE THE WAIE Campaign Phase 1 - Portrait of black teacher giving math lesson on chalkboard



Phase 1 | Curriculum Development

Campaign Dates: July 1, 2020 to July 1, 2021

Campaign Goal: $579,425

By supporting phase 1 of the campaign you are joining the founding investors community. This group of the BE THE WAIE community are individuals who are passionate about seeing the school become a reality. Once the phase 1 campaign has completed we will begin developing the integrated, asynchronous curriculum for young scholars to participate in.

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Phase 2 - Scholarships Financial Aid - Guy sitting in a bar, listening music and using his laptop



Phase 2 | Scholarships and Financial Aid

Campaign Dates: July 1, 2021 to July 1, 2022

Campaign Goal: $2,535,663

Phase 2 focuses on supporting scholarships and financial aid to young scholars who would participate in the school. Our goal is to provide 89% of attendees some level of financial aid and scholarships to cover their cost of participation in the program. By supporting scholarships for WAIE, you are ensuring communities of color are able to participate regardless of their family’s financial status.

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Phase 3 - Homeless and Runaway Teen House - Teenage school friends having fun piggybacking outdoors



Phase 3 | Homeless and Runaway Youth House

Campaign Dates: July 1, 2022 to July 1, 2023

Campaign Goal: $5,843,935

After our first year of operations we plan to build a dormitory building to provide housing to runaway and homeless youth who wish to attend WAIE. Young scholars will be supported by our residential staff, participate in the Hebrew lifestyle, and be provided with housing, meals, and education for the duration of their time as a scholar up until two years after graduation as long as they participate in a pathway.

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Phase 4 - Community Social Spaces - Happy Young Latina Woman At School Hispanic Girl Smiling



Phase 4 | Community Social Spaces

Campaign Dates: July 1, 2023 to July 1, 2024

Campaign Goal: $6,536,122

Our last implementation phase for the BE THE WAIE Campaign focuses on building facilities that can be used as central hubs for our social events, immersions, co-working, and more for young scholars. This would allow us to reduce the cost of operations from renting facilities from others. Also, we will be able to invite nonprofits and for-profits who serve youth to rent the facility to help raise funds for scholarships.

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