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Community Spaces

Phase 3 of the Be The WAIE Campaign focuses on building community spaces that can be used for social events, immersions, co-working, and more for our youth. This would allow us to reduce the cost of operations for renting facilities from others for events and immersions. Also, we will be able to invite nonprofits and for-profits who serve youth to rent the facility to help raise funds for financial aid and scholarships. The revenue generated from the rental of the community space will also help cover the cost of operating the youth dormitory.

Community and Social Spaces

Phase 3 marries the ideology of co-working spaces like Hubud with awesome teen centers like The Mix at the San Francisco Public Library. The goal of the WAIE Zone Community Spaces is to provide a place for our young scholars to connect with one another, work on projects, and participate in our outdoor leadership immersions.

Also, the upper floors of the building will be rented as co-working spaces for nonprofit and for-profit businesses focused on supporting youth. This will create opportunities for additional resources and collaborations for our young scholars while they visit the campuses to engage with their peers and others. It will also generate revenue that will be used to maintain the facilities and expand financial aid and scholarship opportunities for young scholars to attend WAIE. Along with financial aid, it will also be used to generate revenue to meet the expenses of the youth dormitory that will be built on the same property or property near it.


WAIE Innovation Center Overview


Co-Working Space

Our co-working spaces will provide places for youth and businesses to hold meetings, events, workshops, receive mail, and socialize. Built from refurbished shipping containers the spaces will not only be versatile but have a positive impact on the environment and community around us.

Students using laptop, digital tablet
Party Celebrate Enjoyment Festive Activities

September 1, 2029

Once we have completed the first portion of fundraising for phase 3 on December 1, 2027, we will begin the construction of our first innovation center in Washington State. The plan is for construction to complete within 24 months so it may open to students fall of 2029.

Co-Living Facilities

WAIE will also build living quarters adjacent to the facility so that we can utilize the WAIE Innovation Center for our Adventure Based Leadership immersions. This will allow us to reduce our operational costs while also generating revenue for scholarships through rentals of rooms to other youth organizations.

Hostel interior, metal bunk beds and linen, nobody

Computer Labs

The facility will have WiFi access, however, we will provide a mini-computer lab on campus at the community spaces to allow young scholars to access their virtual desktop and other resources without having to carry around their laptops at all times to complete work. Lab time will be reserved virtually or they can pop in when they arrive.

Computer Lab
Event Space (2)

Event Space

The community spaces will also have a modified event center that will allow renters and our community to hold mid-size events and workshops for the community or their own populations. Events will be focused on furthering the goals of improving outcomes in communities of color for youth and future generations to come.

Game Room

To help the social-emotional engagement of the youth who utilize the facility, we will have a game room on site. Young scholars will have access to the pool, board games, and much more that will allow them to connect with one another, have fun, and build much-needed social skills while still learning during study hall sessions and more.

Game Room

Food Services

The WAIE Work community spaces will also have plant-based lifestyle meals that are cooked and served on campus. Young scholars will be hired to support the operations of food services for our eateries, events, and more in social spaces.

Food Services and Catering
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Leadership Activities

Outdoor education is an essential element of WAIE. Thus, the community spaces will have outdoor education, leadership activities, and rope courses for young scholars and renters to utilize during scheduled times. These resources will be closed unless pre-booked.

Audio and Visual Studios

On-campus, young scholars will also have access to our community space Audio and Visual Studio. The studios will allow them to produce shows/movies, record music, conduct photography, and other electronic-based Audio and Visual functions.

Audio and Visual Studio

Who will have access to the community spaces?

The World Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship believes in being transparent in all things we do. Phase 4 Community Spaces are designed to be available, first and foremost, to our young scholars who enroll at WAIE. However, there are other groups who will have access at different times and for different reasons. We’ve outlined below how the facility will be utilized.

  • Young scholars: Our young scholars will have ID cards that provide them access to the facility and rooms, all year, from Sunday to Friday, from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM.
  • Guest scholars: Youth who our young scholars bring as a guest will also have access to the facility. However, the young scholar is responsible for their guest during their time on campus.
  • Temporary scholars: At times non-WAIE students will enroll in our summer courses and immersions as non-matriculating scholars. They will have limited access to facilities throughout their enrolled term (trimester).
  • Co-Working Renters: Nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses, serving youth, who rent co-working spaces on-site will have ID cards that provide them 24/7 access to specific locations within the facility.
  • Student Organizations and Schools: Student-focused organizations and schools will be able to rent both co-living spaces, community spaces, and leadership spaces throughout the year. Their students and staff are provided with temporary ID cards to access the facilities during their time with us.
  • Family Association: parents, guardians, and family members to WAIE members will have limited access to the usage of the facility. Their usage should be focused on workshops, events, and workshops that further the education and experiences of current and potential WAIE families in their state.