Phase 1 – Curriculum Development

By supporting phase 1 of the campaign you are joining the founding investors community. This group of the BE THE WAIE community are individuals who are passionate about seeing the World Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (WAIE) become a reality and supporting the development of curriculum for young scholars to participate in.



Build Our Own Table

The World Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (WAIE) is a culturally responsive, asynchronous, digital learning, independent private school that provides youth with real world secondary and post-secondary education. Also, WAIE’s flagship program is a week-long experiential learning outdoor and survival education immersions that occur each term for our young scholars.

WAIE was originally founded as Generation Innovation (Gen I) to serve as a co-curricular program focused on entrepreneurship for students attending public, private, and charter schools in Washington state. However, in February 2020, the board of directors decided to shift the focus of the organization towards a private school that prioritizes the culture and experiences of Black/African American, LatinX, Indigenous/Native American, and Pacific Islander communities; while supporting young scholars in creating generational wealth.

This shift was made and founded on the idea of building our own table as communities of color to support our youth in being successful. For years there has been data and stories that provide evidence to the mistreatment of children of color in the school system. This occurs because most K-12 and higher education institutions aren’t staffed or designed by people that share similar heritages as the youth who are enrolled. However, instead of asking for our youth to be treated properly at someone else’s table it was decided to build our own table for their education. The school will be available to all United States students regardless of their ethnicity, however, we unapologetically focus on history and learning through the viewpoints of communities of color.

Curriculum Development

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Our innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum helps young scholars learn how to develop multiple streams of income for their future.

Highlighted Focuses

Business Development
Finance & Accounting
Marketing & Communication
Civics & Economics

Environmental Stewardship

Our environmental stewardship curriculum provides the foundations of young scholars being good caretakers of the planet the next generation will inherit from them.

Highlighted Focuses

Corporate Social Responsibility
Environmental Protection
Environmental Science

Adventure Based Leadership

Our adventure based leadership curriculum provides young scholars with the much needed skills to be self-sufficient and protect themselves and others in a global community.

Highlighted Focuses

Farming & Fishing
Self Defense & De-escalation
Leadership Development

Holistic Health

Our holistic health curriculum provides young scholars with the skills needed to overcome challenges they’ll face in life so that they can have strong mental and physical health.

Highlighted Focuses

Psychology & Sociology
Nutrition & Physical Health
Food Science & Culinary Arts
Women’s Health and Wellbeing
Stress Management

Language Arts

Our language arts curriculum is a true exploration of the arts of language as young scholars learn three languages to help them explore the ancient world.

Highlighted Focuses

American English
Arabic and Hebrew
Language Composition
Spanish and Latin

Social Studies

Our social studies curriculum provides a global view of history and the social sciences for young scholars to become effective world citizens.

Highlighted Focuses

African Diaspora
Austronesia (Pacific Islands)
Mestizos (Latin America)
Métis (Indigenous Canada)

Immersive Arts

Our immersive arts curriculum provides young scholars the opportunity to explore visual, auditory, and performing arts as part of their holistic education.

Highlighted Focuses

Graphic Design
Video Game Design
Photography and Videography
Music Production

Hebrew Lifestyle

Our Hebrew lifestyle provides a foundation for young scholars on ancestral teachings and their applications to modern day.

Highlighted Focuses

Plant Based Diet Lifestyle
Humane Business Practices
Migration of the Hebrews
Love & Brotherhood/Sisterhood

STREAM: Science

Our science curriculum encourages young scholars to be curious, ask questions, discover, and take intellectual risks while investigating.

Highlighted Focuses

Earth Science
Forensic Science

STREAM: Technology

Our technology curriculum prepares young scholars for the workforce as they obtain employable skills in data and computer science courses.

Highlighted Focuses

Data Analytics
App Development
Software Design
Technical Communication

STREAM: Engineering

Our engineering curriculum allows young scholars to innovate and build solutions for modern day problems that the global community faces. 

Highlighted Focuses

Computer Programming
Computer Literacy
Video Game Design
Robotic Design

STREAM: Mathematics

Our mathematics curriculum helps young scholars bring out their love of math as we help them connect it to real world applications in their daily lives.

Highlighted Focuses

Financial Mathematics

Support Services

Life Skills - Friendly international students taking selfie over yellow background

Life Skills

In the digital age, having social emotional intelligence and life skills are of growing importance to post-secondary institutions, employers, and people young scholars will collaborate with. The life skills supports consists of mental wellness resources, skill-based approaches to learning, and more.

Workforce Readiness - Career Exploration

Workforce Readiness

Preparing for the workforce is more important than planning for college. The workforce consists of working for someone else or starting their own company. Most importantly, their choice of work is the goal that college, internships, volunteer work, and more all work towards supporting.

Financial Wellness - Hand is turning a dice and changes the word "Health" to "Wealth"

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness focuses on insuring that young scholars are financially literate and able to act on their knowledge for the best outcomes of themselves and their family. Reaching our self-defined comfortable life should be our ultimate goal and being financially well can help achieve it.

Family Services

Family Services - Portrait Of Family With Friends On Hiking Adventure In Forest

As part of a young scholars enrollment, their parent/guardians will also have access to the curriculum so they can learn the content and be a resource to their child when needed. However, during our curriculum development we will also develop curriculum specifically geared towards families to support them in not only their relationship with their child but also their relationship with their self. Our goal is to support thriving family units for communities of color that are able to create generational wealth through multiple streams of income for future generations to come.