Developing the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs

School Development

The first phase of the Be The WAIE Campaign is focused on the development of the digital learning school as a whole. The first portion focuses on hiring faculty and staff to build out programs and courses, technology infrastructure, and marketing resources. The second portion will focus on procuring the necessary funding to provide financial aid to 89% of the young scholars who are interested in attending WAIE. By supporting WAIE, you are ensuring all students, but particularly communities furthest from educational justice, are able to participate regardless of their family’s financial status.

Build Our Own Table

The World Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (WAIE) is a culturally responsive, asynchronous, digital learning, independent, private school that provides youth with real-world secondary and post-secondary education. The school prioritizes the culture and experiences of Black Americans (Foundational Black Americans, Africans, Hebrews, Afro Arabs, and Moors), South Indigenous/Native American (LatinX, Latino, Latina, Hispanic, and Indigenous tribes below the equator), North Indigenous/Native American (Indigenous tribes above the equator), and Pacific Islander communities; while supporting young scholars in creating generational wealth. Also, WAIE’s flagship program is a week-long experiential learning outdoor and survival education immersions that occur each term for our scholars.

The focus on cultures and experiences of the above groups was made and founded on the idea of building our own “table” as communities of color to support our youth in being successful. For years data and stories have shown evidence of the mistreatment of children of color in the school system. This occurs because most K-12 and higher education institutions aren’t staffed or designed by people that share similar heritages as the youth who are enrolled. Thus, creating a very Eurocentric view of education. However, instead of always having to ask for our youth to be treated properly at someone else’s table it was decided to build our own table for their education. The school will be available to all students regardless of their ethnicity, however, we unapologetically focus on the stories and cultures of communities of color.

Curriculum Development and Infrastructure

The first portion of the funding will go towards developing the curriculum and procuring technology infrastructure for the school. Our curriculum is categorized into six groups that provide a holistic education for our young scholars. You can view the full course catalog for grades 7 and 8 by visiting or you can read more about each curriculum category below.

Food and Nutrition

Holistic Health

Our holistic health curriculum provides scholars with the skills needed to overcome challenges they’ll face in life so that they can have strong mental and physical health. The department is organized into Food and Nutrition, Mental and Physical Wellness, and Life Planning courses.


Humanities for World Cultures

Our Humanities for World Cultures curriculum is a true exploration of the arts of language, culture, and history as young scholars learn three languages to help them explore the ancient world while taking a global view on the future of society. The department is organized into Language Arts, World Cultures, and Theology.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Our innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum helps young scholars learn how to develop multiple streams of income for their future and creating generational wealth. The department is organized into Business Development, Civics and Economics, Finance and Accounting, and Marketing and Communications.

STREAM for Environmental Stewardship

STREAM for Environmental Stewardship

Our STREAM for Environmental Stewardship curriculum encourages scholars to be curious, ask questions, discover, and take intellectual risks while investigating. Also, it allows young scholars to innovate and build solutions for modern-day problems that the global community faces. The department is organized into Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

Immersion Programs

Immersion Programs

Our immersion programs provide young scholars to gain hands-on, project-based learning, immersive education. They provide them with the much-needed skills to be self-sufficient and protect themselves and others in a global community. It is a collaboration of multiple departments consisting of Career and College Readiness, Mental Wellness, Global Engagement, Immersion Programs, Intersession Programs, and Summer Programs.

Hebrew Lifestyle

Hebrew Lifestyle

Intertwined into all of our courses is that of the Hebrew Lifestyle, Culture, and Language. It provides a foundation for young scholars on ancestral teachings and their applications to modern-day life. The Hebrew lifestyle focuses on a plant-based lifestyle, proper business practices, and building a community and society that fosters growth and good stewardship on a global stage.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

The second portion of the funding will go towards covering the cost of attendance for young scholars to participate in WAIE. Your support helps to ensure all communities, but particularly communities furthest from educational justice, are able to access entrepreneurial high school and post-secondary curriculum, mental health resources, physical health resources, outdoor education, and more regardless of their socioeconomic status. We are committed to sustaining a school in which individuals representing diverse cultures and experiences participate in lifelong learning while developing community and social change for future generations. Continue reading below to learn more about what young scholars receive as a member of our community.

September 1, 2024

WAIE is scheduled to open its doors for our first cohort of 180 young scholars on September 1, 2024. Young scholars will be able to start their application to attend on November 1, 2023.

Grades 7 to 14

During the first year, WAIE will focus on recruiting seventh-grade students to participate in the first cohort. However, the digital learning school will serve young scholars until they reach grade 14 (college sophomore) and complete their Diploma+.


The Diploma+ is a planned enhanced high school diploma for graduation. Once we have completed the accreditation process, our goal is for young scholars to receive not only a high school diploma but also an associate’s degree and two certifications.

180 students

We plan to recruit at least 180 students who are in the 6th grade and will be in the 7th grade when they begin with WAIE. They will be our first cohort and founding student body of the digital learning community.

89% financial aid

Our fundraising campaign will help us provide 89% of our young scholars with some level of financial support and attendance scholarships. Scholarships will range from full tuition coverage to 20% tuition coverage.


WAIE provides all-inclusive tuition which covers courses, laptops, WiFi, mental health services, and much more. The tuition cost for the year before financial assistance is $39,700 for all courses, support services, and immersions.

Family Services

As part of a young scholar’s participation, their families will also have access to resources and learning opportunities to help them support their children. The goal is to provide the whole household with access to generational wealth education opportunities and experiences.

Holistic Resources

We provide additional resources outside of textbooks for our young scholars. They also gain access to Office products, Adobe Creative Cloud, hygiene products, Amazon Prime, Career Exploration, and several other tools and resources for success.

Weekly Mental Wellness

Our mental wellness team is available for weekly sessions with scholars to help them build the necessary tools to overcome challenges and maintain their mental strength and social-emotional skills.

Daily Office Hours

Young scholars will have access to faculty on a daily basis, Sunday through Thursday, for help on digital learning content. However, educators can individualize each scholars’ learning based on successes and challenges they may face.

Progress Checks

Young scholars will build relationships with their career and college counselor as they conduct bi-weekly academic progress checks to help ensure they are meeting not only their goals in school but their personal and professional goals.

Periodic Workshops

Our educators provide workshops one to three times a week for young scholars to have live sessions on topics they may want additional support in during a virtual classroom session with their peers.

Why does digital learning matter?

Bullying Recovery

Trauma from bullying can manifest itself in a variety of ways. However, participating in digital learning allows you to improve your mental health while working with our mental wellness team. Also, you will be able to learn at your own pace while working with fellow young scholars virtually and during our outdoor immersions.

Mastery of Subjects

We all learn through different methods and at different paces. However, not all schools are able to provide individualized pacing for students. Our courses and interventions are designed to provide your child with the opportunity to master a subject rather than focus on meeting deadlines.

Multicultural Education

Sadly, most schools do not focus on true integrated multicultural education designed by diverse educators for a diverse student population. We seek out highly qualified educators from diverse backgrounds to create curriculum for our young scholars that focuses on multiple world lenses instead of one.


Athletes and performers have rigorous schedules that require their attention for them to accomplish their goals. Participating in WAIE allows them to learn at their own pace and own time while still participating in their passions and making new friends through our outdoor education immersions and projects.

Student Discipline Solution

Disproportionate student discipline negatively affects a young scholars ability to succeed. However, in more case than not young scholars are disciplined based on underlining biases of teachers and administrators. With online school the focus is placed more heavily on the young scholars growth rather than discipline.

Traveling Families

Your family may have an unpredictable travel schedule because of military service or it’s a natural part of your work. However, participating in an online school allows your child to continue their education. Plus, we work to help your child connect with other WAIE students who live in the new area you move to.

Self-Directed Skills

Learning tools and technology enable young scholars to develop effective self-directed learning skills. They are able to identify what they need to learn, find and use online resources, apply the information on the problem at hand, and even evaluate resultant feedback. This increases their efficiency and productivity.

Individualized Learning

The opportunity to customize learning sequences for each young scholar will make education more productive by closing learning gaps sooner and accelerating progress. Dynamic grouping, workshops, and project-based learning can add lots of collaborative learning to the already present education model.

Workforce Readiness

Equipping young scholars with the requirements of higher education and holding a career at a young age has become one of the most crucial responsibilities of school education. Digital learning solutions based on problem-based learning emphasize on learning methods that are constructive, collaborative and calls the students’ attention to a real-world approach to learning.