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The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship supports new and current entrepreneurs in starting their new ventures and/or established businesses. Also, we provide several services such as business advisory, business consulting services, and business management services for interested clients. Receive direct support in starting your business or participate in one of our entrepreneurship resources.

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Types of Services

Business Advisory

Advisors identify issues and tasks before they become a problem and share their opinion and insight with the stakeholders. We raise concerns in an adequate way and help to address work items in order to improve operations. The advisors usually decide on their own how much of their own time they invest in the activities, based on the severity of the issues.

Business Consulting

Consultants are engaged in fulfilling pre-defined terms such as solving problems or underlying constraints. You present our team with a task after the need to solve a particular problem has already been identified. We will prepare options for how to solve the problem and then discuss the pros and cons with the clients. In rare cases, we are used to replace a management position.

Management Services

Management services team members are brought in to help alleviate operational strain. In most cases, clients hand over an element of their operations such as digital and print marketing, event planning, volunteer management, and other operations that aren’t essential to direct services and products that are rendered to your community. 

Business Resources

Resources are items that are procured by WAIE to help improve the way your business operates. They are tied to educational opportunities where our team provides you access to tools such as digital marketing analytics, website management, and more while also teaching you how to manage the process and solutions to best understand your business.

Areas of Focus

Business Development

Our business development services consist of tasks and processes to develop and implement growth within and between companies. It is the creation of long-term value for a company from customers, markets, and relationships. It is the overall arching service that provides you with a variety of business resources to improve your business.

Career & College Readiness

Our career and college readiness services specifically focus on helping individuals in your community gain access to the knowledge and skills to build future careers for themselves and create a roadmap to building their self-defined comfortable life. We primarily focus on individuals aged 22 and younger for the delivery of services for partner groups.

Business Consulting

Education Management

Our education management services consist of teaching courses on behalf of your company, helping you build your own courses, developing new schools, and improving on operations of current schools and educational institutions. It’s a great way to supplement what you are already providing to your community as part of your day-to-day operations.

Event Management

Events are great ways to engage with your community and educate new members of your community. Our event services help you plan both virtual and in-person events that will create remarkable experiences for your community. Also, we will help you with the management of the event and support you with registration all the way to closing survey for attendees.

Finance and Accounting

Finance and accounting help you in maintaining an accurate budget for your business for the year as well as meeting financial reporting obligations such as quarterly and annual taxes, employee taxes, and more. Also, we support the annual report & filing process for nonprofit organizations to maintain their 501(c)3 status with the IRS.

Grants and Fundraising

For many organizations, grants and fundraising are the main way to sustain the organization. Our grants services help you with the searching and application process for grants. Our fundraising services take a different approach than traditional fundraising and help you diversify the ways your organization raises funds to operate the business.

Leadership Development

Leadership development is the process that helps expand an individual’s capacity to perform leadership roles in companies. Leadership roles are those that facilitate the execution of an organization’s strategy through building alignment, winning mindshare, and growing the capabilities of others. Our services help your team or clients build these skills.

Marketing and Communications

Our MarComm or marketing and communications services provide you with both digital and print marketing support to help improve your engagement with the greater community. Also, it includes community engagement to help you build partnerships and strengthen bonds and trust with key stakeholders around you.

Volunteer Engagement

For nonprofit organizations, having volunteers and interns helps to strengthen some of the operations required to succeed in delivering services and products. You need an excellent volunteer and internship program to help them feel supported and like they can succeed while working with you. We will help you design and manage that process.

Website Management

Website Management is part of the Marketing services, but it focuses on primarily providing a stationed presence for your community to learn more about you, engage with you, and for your to capture contact information from them. It’s your best tool since you never know when Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms will no longer be accessible.

Youth Development

Our youth development services provide program development support for creating interactions for students in K-12 and post-secondary education to build leadership skills, prepare for life after school, build social-emotional intelligence, and much more. We work with your team to design engagements that best fit your goals and your community’s needs.

Other Services

At times there are services that we currently do not provide but you may need. If you identify this on your request for services, we will try to procure a provider to support you in gaining access to the requested services. Our goal is to ensure your success throughout this process in completing your goals and helping your community members succeed.

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