Business Communication

The Business Communication course will show young scholars the right way to write memos, letters, and reports. They’ll have the chance to see their writing improve, from grammar and mechanics to style. Lessons include techniques for writing informational, persuasive, sales, employment, and good and bad news communications, to both internal and external audiences – with practice analyzing those audiences. Finally, they’ll explore the current business communication technology toolkit, including desktop publishing, videoconferencing, and more.

Information about Business Communication

Below are additional details about the course offering and what to expect during registration and attendance of the course. Also, any additional requirements and expectations are included below for the course.

Department: Marketing and Communications, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Grade Level: Grade 08
Terms Offered: (Q2) Winter

Additional requirements: The course will require participants to work with a local nonprofit [does not have to be a 501(c)3] they are interested in writing a memo about the accomplishments and needs of the nonprofit. Memos that are written and approved by both WAIE and the respective nonprofit will be shared on WAIE’s blog.

Matriculating Students and Family

Young scholar rate: $0.00 (included in all-inclusive tuition)
Family of young scholar rate: $0.00 (included in all-inclusive tuition)

Guest Students and Adults

Please, note that items outlined in the all-inclusive tuition are only provided to matriculating students. More information on the resources provided to guest students will be provided closer to when we open applications.

Guest student rate: $1064 (financial assistance available)
Family of guest student rate: $1418
NAHA member attendee rate: $1418
Adult attendee rate: $1891