Hebrew Exodus

The Hebrew Exodus: Return to the Promised Land course is a three-part course designed to explore the ancient history of the Melanated people known as Hebrews (Ha-Abarayam) prior to the Birth of John the Baptist (Yauachanan Ha-Matabayal) and the Birth of Jesus (Yahayashaa Ha-Mashayach). It provides young scholars with an understanding of the history of civilization, grafting in of a people to the community, and the migration of Hebrews (Ha-Abarayam) from the Garden of Eden to the Birth of John the Baptist (Yauachanan Ha-Matabayal), and Jesus the Messiah (Yahayashaa Ha-Mashayach).

Information about Hebrew Exodus

Below are additional details about the course offering and what to expect during registration and attendance of the course. Also, any additional requirements and expectations are included below for the course.

Department: World Cultures, Humanities for World Cultures
Grade Level: Grade 07
Terms Offered: (Q1) Autumn, (Q2) Winter, (Q3) Spring

Additional requirements: None

Matriculating Students and Family

Young scholar rate: $0.00 (included in all-inclusive tuition)
Family of young scholar rate: $0.00 (included in all-inclusive tuition)

Guest Students and Adults

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Guest student rate: $1064 (financial assistance available)
Family of guest student rate: $0
NAHA member attendee rate: $0
Adult attendee rate: $1891