Language Arts 10

The Language Arts 10 course teaches young scholars English, Paleo-Hebrew (Abaray), and Arabic over a 12-month period. This course is designed to transition students from middle school reading and language arts to the rigorous expectations of a high school classroom. With a focus on the study of literature, writing, vocabulary, and communication skills, students establish successful study skills and appropriate learning behavior. Also, this course helps young scholars develop research and speaking/listening skills. Through the genre approach to literature, young scholars read short stories, novels, drama, and poetry, emphasizing the distinct elements and analysis of each type of literature.

Information about Language Arts 10

Below are additional details about the course offering and what to expect during registration and attendance of the course. Also, any additional requirements and expectations are included below for the course.

Department: Language Arts, Humanities for World Cultures
Grade Level: Grade 08
Terms Offered: (Q1) Autumn, (Q2) Winter, (Q3) Spring, (Q4) Summer

Additional requirements: Participants will receive assignments that require them to hold conversations with their peers and others in different languages.

Matriculating Students and Family

Young scholar rate: $0.00 (included in all-inclusive tuition)
Family of young scholar rate: $0.00 (included in all-inclusive tuition)

Guest Students and Adults

Please, note that items outlined in the all-inclusive tuition are only provided to matriculating students. More information on the resources provided to guest students will be provided closer to when we open applications.

Guest student rate: $1064 (financial assistance available)
Family of guest student rate: $1418
NAHA member attendee rate: $1418
Adult attendee rate: $1891