Men of Valor 7

The Men of Valor 7 course is an Adventure Based Leadership (ABL) program focused on providing a safe space for young men to build community and learn. It is an overnight, two-week course held in the winter. This course is designed to serve the members of Men of Valor as their first immersion for the year.

Adventure Based Leadership is a leadership development program that utilizes both indoor and outdoor experiential activities to help young scholars develop and practice the fundamentals of effective team building and leadership. Building trust, setting and evaluating goals, group problem solving, and effective interpersonal communications are among the attributes and skills addressed. Also, young scholars participate in self-defense, survival, and art activities throughout the course of the two-week immersion.

Information about Men of Valor 7

Below are additional details about the course offering and what to expect during registration and attendance of the course. Also, any additional requirements and expectations are included below for the course.

Department: Mental and Physical Wellness, Holistic Health
Grade Level: Grade 07
Terms Offered: (Q2) Winter

Additional requirements: Participants will be required to stay with WAIE staff for a two-week period. Also, they will participate in a plant-based lifestyle during their time in the program. Further, the activities will be challenge-by-choice, and students are encouraged to challenge their fears but won’t be required to do all activities. Lastly, students will need attire fitting for swordsmanship, archery, fishing, farming, and other physical activities.

Matriculating Students and Family

Young scholar rate: $0.00 (included in all-inclusive tuition)
Family of young scholar rate: Not available

Guest Students and Adults

Please, note that items outlined in the all-inclusive tuition are only provided to matriculating students. More information on the resources provided to guest students will be provided closer to when we open applications.

Guest student rate: Not available
Family of guest student rate: Not available
NAHA member attendee rate: Not available
Adult attendee rate: Not available