A New Cryptocurrency by

World Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We are currently in the process of developing our own cryptocurrency coin that would aid in the initial operations of the school. Also, the coin will be used for providing loans to students wishing to start businesses. All WAIE partners will accept the coin for payment and each early investor will own a number of coins that they can use for transactions in a new ecosystem for our people.


Cryptocurrency Waiting List

Join the waiting list for our new crypto and receive updates as we publish them for the upcoming new coin.

Building a Crypto

The new crypto that we build will severe as a catalyst for the start of WAIE, building a digital bank to support the BIPOC community, and providing loans and start-up capital for entrepreneurs and innovators in the community.

We plan to place 1,000,000,000 coins into circulation at $0.05 USD per coin. When you purchase one of the coins you gain a tangible asset that can appreciate or depreciate over time. Also, unlike a donation, you can sell your coins to others in exchange for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money. There is also the option to donate your coins to a nonprofit charity of your choosing for a tax-deductible donation.

Lastly, all businesses that partner with WAIE or are created by students, families, or loan recipients of WAIE will also accept the coin for purchases of services and products.

How does the process work?

For this example, we assume you purchased $100 worth of coins.

  1. Complete the Cryptocurrency Waiting list form so you can receive early access to your purchase of coins.
  2. Once the coin is ready, 30-days before issuing invoices for payment we will send you a notification email so you know to expect it.
  3. After that 30-day period, WAIE will issue you an invoice for $100 (or the amount you entered into the form). You’ll have 30-days to make payment on your invoice.
  4. Upon receiving payment, within 7-days, your 2,000 coins will be transferred to your account/wallet.
  5. You can choose to HODL the coins or when you’re ready you can sell them when the price increases and take a profit.

What causes a crypto price to rise or fall?

There are multiple factors that go into whether or not a crypto price will rise or fall. Some of those factors include:

Market Manipulation

Sometimes a very wealthy investor referred to as a “whale” in the crypto world, decides to buy or sell a lot of coins at one time. Particularly for coins with a low market capitalization, a large market order can have a huge impact on the supply and demand dynamics, and change the price.


If the price of a coin rises for a sustained period of time, investors will decide to lock in their profits and start selling. If lots of investors do this at around the same price point, the value of the coin will drop. Not all investors have a HODL mindset, so this simple explanation is often right.


If a coin, or software or service related to it, is compromised by hackers, the price of the currency may dip because there is now a loss of confidence in the project.


Crypto project teams often make announcements to their community on social media. These announcements can be regarding new alliances, team members, advisors, initiatives, or any number of relevant topics, and frequently affect demand for a coin depending on how they are received by the community. You can oftentimes catch the latest news about a particular coin on Reddit, Twitter, or a crypto news aggregator site such as CryptoPanic (www.cryptopanic.com).


Before an official announcement by a project team, rumors will almost always leak out. Many people try to beat the price swings that follow an official announcement and will buy or sell based on these whisperings.

Upgrades and Changes

If a coin is about to undergo a change, such as a fork, upgrade, or coin burn, the price may fluctuate. New features or a highly-contested fork are valid reasons for changes in confidence in a given project, and will accordingly affect the price. If some coins are to be burned, the remaining coins might be viewed as more valuable. Or if a company misses a planned release date, the price of the coin could drop heavily as investors lose confidence in that team to deliver.