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World Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Individuals and businesses that would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the World Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WAIE) are invited to make a donation today. Whether you’re donating to support WAIE overall or want to support a specific program, you’re making the right choice in supporting our young scholars towards success.


Donate to the WAIE Roadmap

Between 2022 and 2028, our goal is to raise $36,540,425 to support programs at WAIE. When you support WAIE, you are ensuring all students, but particularly communities furthest from educational justice, are able to participate regardless of their family’s financial status.

Green Entrepreneurship

Goal: $1,494,494 (launch date: 2022 and 2023)

Green Entrepreneurship is a form of social entrepreneurship that involves starting a venture to address issues related to the environment. This term can also be used to refer to a regular business venture that chooses to invest in environmentally friendly alternatives such as clean energy, energy-efficient office space, and more. At WAIE, the two-week program provides an immersive opportunity for young scholars to learn how to start their own environmentally impactful business.

Digital Learning Academy

Goal: $21,665,874 (launch date: 2024 and 2026)

Secondary education, primary education, and early education serve young scholars from prenatal to grade 14 (ages 0 to 20 years old). It supports youth in building community and necessary skills to build generational wealth while preparing for life in the real world as entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders for a better global world. During their time with WAIE, young scholars will participate in courses from Holistic Health, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Humanities for World Culture, and STREAM for Environmental Stewardship.

Youth Housing

Goal: $5,843,935 (launch date: 2027)

Providing sustainable and reliable housing for homeless, runaway, and foster youth is essential to improving educational outcomes. Young scholars will be supported by our residential staff and participate in the Hebrew lifestyle while receiving housing, meals, and education. They will be able to live with the community through school and up to two years after graduation as they start a business, enter the workforce, or attend a higher education institution.

Innovation Center

Goal: $7,536,122 (launch date: 2028)

The Innovation Center is a community space that can be used for social events, immersions, co-working, and more for our youth. This would allow us to reduce the cost of operations for renting facilities from others for events and immersions. Also, we will be able to invite nonprofits and for-profits who serve youth to rent the facility to help raise funds for financial aid and scholarships. The facility will be built on or near the dormitory so young scholars may be paid to work there.