2 Time Emirati Entrepreneur

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January 2, 2016

Alia Al Mazrouie is a 2 Time Emirati Entrepreneur and globally successful. Today she is interviewed by Gulf News about her success. Meet an Emirati Entrepreneur who created two successful companies. Alia Al Mazrouie is the co-founder of globally successful Just Falafel and local success Little Haven Nursery. She had always wanted to set up her own business but Alia Al Mazroui, 35, never imagined that one day she would have diverse interests like a food business and a children’s nursery in her business portfolio.

The YouTube video is brought to you by Gulf News. GN Media is the publisher of Gulf News, the biggest selling English newspaper in the UAE. It is also home to the most visited news website in the UAE, gulfnews.com. 1978 saw the launch of two English dailies in the Gulf. While its competitor carved a special niche for itself in the market and built up a loyal readership, Gulf News remained erratic, barely surviving with a circulation of 3000.

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