The Village of Peace

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February 2014

The Village of Peace reveals the untold story of the African Hebrew Israelites, an incredible group originally from Chicago, now thriving in the Israeli desert. The stories and perspectives of four Village members are woven together to illustrate a place unlike any other; a community enlightened by ancient scripture and determined to prioritize ‘life’ in its purest form.

In 1967, at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, a community of African Americans migrated to Dimona from Chicago. The Village of Peace documentary offers a rare glimpse into this unique community whose culture evolves from an uncommon interpretation of the bible, mandating polygamy, natural birth, and veganism. Approximately 300 people made the original migration. Today, over 5,000 African-Hebrew Israelites live in Israel. The founders of the Village recount their epic journey, as the stories of four villagers are woven together to portray a community unlike any other, inspired by ancient scripture, and a determination to live life in its purest form.

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Cost: $19.99 (free with Amazon Prime)
Ben Schuder, Niko Philipides
Special Interest, Documentary
English [CC]
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WAIE Category: Humanities for World Cultures

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