The Jamale Racheal Thompson Memorial Fund

~ An Example of True Faith and Kindness ~

Jamale Thompson was an amazing person all around. She was a mother, a friend, a mentor, a survivor, and an entrepreneur. Her son, Duron Jones, says it best “I was one lucky son to have such a kind and supportive mother as her. She was loving and supportive of all she came across but was like a lioness when someone messed with her baby boy. She was there as a guiding counsel for those she came across, young and old. Even the doctors and nurses at the hospital saw her shining light even in her last days. She took her place of rest with The Most High on the night of March 14, 2021. May you finally rest peacefully now, mom.”

One of Jamale Thompson’s Last Goals

It was asked of her son, Duron Jones, if there is a charity people could support in Jamale’s name that was close to her heart. Jamale had three goals that she wanted to accomplish before taking her final rest. They were: (1) seeing her future grandchildren, (2) writing a book called “From the Eyes of a Patient” to tell her story, and (3) seeing the school, created by her son, focused on helping youth and BIPOC families create generational wealth.

As a community, we can support a much-needed cause on behalf of Jamale in the Jamale Racheal Thompson Memorial Fund, which will be used to support youth who will attend the school.

World Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WAIE)

WAIE is an asynchronous digital learning, independent, private school that prioritizes culturally responsive curriculum and the histories of the African Diaspora, Arab, Austronesia/Pacific Islands, Latin, Indigenous Americans, and Asians while providing youth with real-world secondary and post-secondary education.

During students’ time with WAIE they focus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Humanities for World Culture, Holistic Health, STEM for Environmental Stewardship, and the Hebrew Lifestyle and Culture.

Also, a key focal point and flagship program of WAIE is the week-long experiential learning immersions that occur each term for students. This allows them to put their online learning into practice, learn fishing and farming, build self-defense skills, and much more.

Lastly, WAIE prepares students to be able to choose one or more outcomes upon graduation. Those outcomes consist of: (1) starting a business, (2) entering the workforce with a certification, and (3) continuing on to a higher education institution.