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Company Match Ineligible? Here’s What’s Next!

Thank you for your donation and for letting us know that your recent donation is ineligible for donation matching! Nonetheless, your support will help us change the dynamic of education for young entrepreneurs and the communities they live in. Even though your company doesn’t match donations there are still some things you can do next to support the  Be The WAIE Campaign  at the World Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (WAIE) in reaching success, continue reading below to learn more.

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Connect with us on social media to stay in the loop and to help us reach larger audiences. Each additional follower, helps to show others the importance of what we are trying to accomplish.

Matching Gifts Next Steps (1)

We invite you to become an ambassador of WAIE and recruit members of your network to support the development of the school. Colleagues from your company and other companies can make a donation to WAIE and have it matched if their company matches donations! You can raise funds by yourself or recruit peers to have a team of fundraisers to help you in reaching your target goal.

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