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Refer a Strategic Partner

We are seeking strategic partners and sponsors for our Be The WAIE campaign. Partnerships are a collaborative focus that benefits both the World Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the organization that chooses to partner with WAIE. Our partners serve as either a resource during our fundraising campaigns and/or serve as a collaborative resource during school operations for young scholars, families, educators, and the greater community.

Currently, we are looking for partners in the below outlined areas. You can use the form on this page to refer a partner for WAIE.

  1. Collaborative fundraising
  2. Homelessness for youth
  3. Family engagement and education
  4. Generational wealth building
  5. Global engagement immersions
  6. Outdoor education and leadership
  7. Program and event collaborations in:
    1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    2. Holistic Health
    3. STREAM for Environmental Stewardship
      (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, The Arts, Mathematics)
Refer a Strategic Partner
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