Adventure Based Leadership

Green Entrepreneurship Program

Inaugural Term: Summer 2023
Campaign Goal: $604,134

Green Entrepreneurship is a form of social entrepreneurship that involves starting a venture to address issues related to the environment. This term can also be used to refer to a regular business venture that chooses to invest in environmentally friendly alternatives such as clean energy, energy-efficient office space, and more. At WAIE, the two-week program provides an immersive opportunity for young scholars to learn how to start their own environmentally impactful business.

The program needs $604,134 to operate for the first year. We will cover the costs of operating through a mixture of donations, grants, sponsorships, and program tuition. All funds raised will support program scholarships for youth facing economic hardships.

Green Entrepreneurship - Environmental Stewardship

Program Facts


The program will serve a total of 120 young scholars with 60 coming from the primary education division and 60 from the secondary education division.

days long

The residential program spans over 12 full days and 2 half-days making for a total of 13-days of programming for young scholars to participate in.


minimum for scholarships

Our goal is to raise at least $275,232 through donations and grants. This will allow us to provide substantial support to young scholars for attending.


topics covered

During their time in the program, young scholars will learn about 5+ different subjects including career readiness, financial literacy, and more.

Elements of the Program

Green Entrepreneurship

Our green entrepreneurship curriculum helps young scholars learn how to develop multiple streams of income for their future while also being good stewards of the environment. During the program, young scholars will learn business development, civics, economics, finance, accounting, marketing, communications, and earth science.

Financial Wellness

Being “well” financially includes the total picture of your financial health, including how your financial situation affects your stress levels and overall mental and physical health. During the program, young scholars will participate in age-appropriate sessions focused on improving their financial understanding.

Career Development and College Readiness

The Green Entrepreneurship program is focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. However, WAIE believes in preparing youth for all possibilities. While in the program, young scholars will learn about different career outcomes that align with what they are learning and their post-secondary options.

Residential Life

The best way to learn about the environment is by connecting with it firsthand. Young scholars will live in lodges located in the woods during the program. They will share rooms with their peers and have both indoor and outdoor lessons. Also, they’ll receive three meals a day and snacks.