Student Services

Resources provided by the Student CARE Team

Student Services provided by the World Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WAIE) provide supplemental services that aid in the success of young scholars in their growth and development. The services are primarily provided to matriculating young scholars at WAIE but some are available to guest students and non-matriculating students.

Our student services are a growing offering of resources put together by our Center for Student CARE team who works towards providing holistic development opportunities for young scholars and their households.

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At WAIE you have access to MyPride, the Lion’s online resource for young scholars and families to access online courses, billing, applications, and other important tools for your success as a member of our community.

Mental Wellness Program

Mental Wellness Program

Mental fortitude and social-emotional skills are essential to the success of young scholars. As part of our student services at WAIE, we match you with a behavioral health therapist from our partner, Good Intentions Community Services, who supports you in not only any responsive care you may need or want but also supports you in building your toolkit to face future challenges. Furthermore, they’ll assist you in building skills so you can support your peers in their mental wellness and health.

Food Security Program

Food Security Program

Knowing how to maintain your health through eating healthy is important. However, more important than that is the ability to access the food necessary for a healthy life. As part of our student services for your enrollment as a young scholar in Food and Nutrition courses, you’ll have access to funds that allow you to grocery shop and make meals for your classes.

Global Immersion Programs

Global Immersion Programs

You’ll have access to a multitude of immersions throughout the year that provides you access to outdoor leadership, arts, global engagement, and much more. Each young scholar is required to participate in the Adventure Based Leadership immersions that help you build skills in the arts, self-defense, leadership, and much more. Also, during grade 11, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the Motherland Trip to visit a variety of African and Middle Eastern countries.

LEAP Program

The LEAP Program

The Lion Entrepreneurship Acceleration Pathway (LEAP) Program is an intensive, on-campus experience for matriculating young scholars to learn about entrepreneurship and generational wealth building. Young scholars begin the program during grade 7. By the time they reach 10 they will have launched at least one (1) new venture with their peers or family members.

Founder's Scholars Program

Founder’s Scholars Program

The Founder’s Scholars Program is an intensive residential two-year program for matriculating young scholars in the 11th year to work with the Academy Founding Officer to make real change in the world by designing and executing high-impact programs to address social and environmental challenges across the world.