Who We Are

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Who we are is a group of innovators and entrepreneurs who are changing the narrative around education for BIPOC youth. Originally, the nonprofit was started in 2018 as Generation Innovation with the purpose of being a co-curricular resource to public, private, and charter schools in providing youth with access to real-world entrepreneurship and innovation experiences.

In the first quarter of 2020, under revelation provided by The Most High and the guidance and direction of Duron, the board of trustees decided to move the organization in the direction of becoming a digital learning school to better serve the needs and wants of a growing diverse population of students in a growing global society. Thus, the World Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship or WAIE (wei) was born.

Adventure Based Leadership - Who We Are

WAIE is an asynchronous, digital learning, independent, private school that prioritizes culturally responsive curriculum and the histories of the global majority (BIPOC community) while providing youth with an excellent education. We specifically define the cultures and communities we focus on as the African Diaspora, Arabs, Austronesia/Pacific Islands, Asiatics, Hebrew Diaspora, and the North and South Indigenous American people. 

Also, our flagship program is the Adventure Based Leadership course that occurs three times per year for students, immersing them in nature while building lasting friendships and growing themselves as a leader for a better world. However, WAIE is much more than our virtual courses and in-person immersions. We believe in changing the narrative of education in innovative ways and thus strive to provide the following as part of our school offering.


After the review process is completed, scholars will graduate with a high school diploma plus two career certifications after completing years 13 and 14 of school.

[will begin the process when school opens]

Behavioral Health

Through our partnership with Good Intentions Community Services, scholars will have access to services that support social-emotional development. The services provide youth with the tools necessary to capitalize on their own strengths but also face unexpected life challenges.

Environmental Stewardship

Inspiring young scholars to love the environment and helping them become great stewards of a healthy and thriving planet are the two highest priorities for WAIE faculty and staff. It is the duty of all of us to take care of the planet we live on for both current and future generations.

Financial Wellness

Our educators focus on ensuring that scholars are financially literate and able to act on their financial knowledge for the best outcomes for themselves and their families. Having the knowledge is important, however, being able to act on this wisdom and creating multiple streams of income is the key to creating generational wealth.

Workforce Readiness

Preparing for the workforce is more important than planning for college. The workforce consists of working for someone else or starting your own company and gaining the skills needed to accomplish your goals. Once you have determined your workforce goal you’re able to better map to navigate your collegiate plans.

Meet Our Founder

Founder of the World Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Board President [ 𐤓𐤀𐤔 (raash) | رئيس (rayiys) ]

Duron Jones is the Founder and serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of the Board of Directors for WAIE. As the CEO of WAIE, Duron serves as the leader and guide of our faculty, staff, young scholars, and family, with the goal of developing young leaders for a truly just, humane, and culturally competent global world.

Duron’s name in the taught languages of our students

English: Duron (pronounce: Duhr-on)
Paleo-Hebrew: 𐤃𐤅𐤓𐤅𐤍 (Long-form: Dauarauan, Short-form: Durun)
Arabic: دورون (Translation: Durun)

Duron Jones

Duron brings over 10 years of experience in education, entrepreneurship, and leadership development to WAIE. Also, he serves as the Owner and Executive Consultant for Bayath Duron LLC and has learned about the culture, customs, and bloodlines of the Abaray Yasharaalayam since 2004. Over the years, he has managed, supported, and lead programs providing opportunities for youth and communities of color in reaching their self-defined comfortable life.

One of the most notable programs that he has worked on is supporting both Seattle Public Schools and Seattle University in developing an alternative high school on a college campus for youth whose comprehensive school system was not the best fit for their individualized needs and interests. The alternative school supported students in regaining credits and preparing for post-secondary education. Also, a major element of the school was their end-of-week Adventure Based Leadership program that provided a diverse population of students the opportunity to engage in outdoor education, leadership, and much more.

Another notable program that our CEO has worked on was supporting Seattle Public Schools and Seattle Academies Foundation (SAF) in developing a week-long immersion where students from their finance and hospitality & tourism program from Seattle would visit New York to experience business, entrepreneurship, and the culture of the New York community while building skills for their program in Seattle. Also, as part of that work, he helped students from Chief Sealth International High School in planning and managing a dinner auction event for community partners.

A Vision for WAIE

Duron Jones brings a clear vision for WAIE and plans to help young scholars reconnect to a global view of their culture while preparing for a future that provides their families with generational wealth. As part of his vision, he leads by example and exemplifies the core beliefs of WAIE by following both the Hebrew and plant-based lifestyles. He is passionate about ensuring opportunities are made available for all young scholars, but particularly young scholars who are descendants of our target populations.